PT Cerdas Digital Nusantara

We’re here to elevate million people’s lives through education technology
This is a company where you can perform your talent beyond limits!

About Us

Cakap is the first pioneer of two-way English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Indonesian language e-learning with the vision to become the key to unlock borderless society. We have helped many people to master foreign languages in enjoyable and effective ways. Collaborated with and learning method from trusted institutions, native teachers, and flexible time schedule, Cakap is the leading of innovation in online foreign language course.


Why You Should Join Us

Promising Career Path

Everyone in Cakap with discipline, consistency, and great performance will be awarded with promotion to higher position. We believe you can do it!

Experience-Worthy Challenge and Knowledge

You’ll work with experienced people who will help and give you knowledge related to technology, especially education tech. And of course, various interesting tasks await you!

Your Idea is a Creation to Appreciate

We appreciate any ideas on how to make the brand grow better. Everyone has a chance to speak up their opinion, and we are happy to consider your insights.

Feels Like Home

We work and learn together as best friends, and live our daily lives in Cakap just like a family. We’d love to welcome newcomers and eat together at lunch time.

Career Opportunities

Senior Java Developer

Are you keen to deliver the best quality of Cakap’s software product? Let’s join our fast-growing company as a Senior Java Developer.