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We are collaborating with LBI FIB Universitas Indonesia to provide learners with the best learning experience
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Learn Bahasa Indonesia With Us And Immerse Yourself In Indonesia’s
Rich Culture
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Find out your proficiency level for just IDR 200K with a native teacher

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We are collaborating with LBI FIB Indonesia University to provide learners with the best learning experience

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Learn Bahasa Indonesia with us and immerse yourself in Indonesia’s rich culture

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The Importance of Learning Indonesian Language

You can learn more about Indonesian local culture

Indonesia has more than 1.340 different cultures spread in the country.

You can travel around Indonesia

Based on Trip Advisor, Indonesia is one of the top 25 destinations in the world.

You can increase
your job opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia’s economic growth will generate more jobs for all people.

Indonesian Language Class
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1 session of Cakap’s Indonesian language class

will only take 45 minutes

With a relatively short class, you can improve your Indonesian language skills without interrupting your daily routine.

Indonesian Language Curriculum

cakap x universitas indonesia

Cakap as the pioneer of two-way online language learning platforms in Indonesia, proudly announces the collaboration with Universitas Indonesia in providing high-quality and credible Indonesian language online course. The curriculum is suitable for the UKBI (Uji Kemampuan Bahasa Indonesia) test preparation.

Our Indonesian Teachers

Editi Herningtias

UI Indonesian Teachers

Sri Handayani Yasa

UI Indonesian Teachers

Ilham S. Mubin

UI Indonesian Teachers

Our Student Testimonials

Improve your Indonesian Language Skills from your most comfortable place

Testimoni Kelas Bahasa Indonesia

Honestly, I didn’t expect much for pronunciation improvement from an online class. But Surprisingly, my teacher could teach me pronunciation in details with excellent. It is very precious to learn Bahasa Indonesia from my country, Japan, with flexible time.

IT Staff
Testimoni Kelas Bahasa Indonesia

I have started studying at Cakap since 2 months ago. The learning program is very good. It’s fun to learn Indonesian with Cakap.

Head of IT of Technology Company

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Learn the Indonesian Language Online Without Boundaries

Learning Indonesian online is one of the most important things for expatriates who are living in Indonesia. Not only that, given a large number of speakers and rapid economic development, the Indonesian language is one of the languages that need to be mastered by the people who want to elevate their careers and business. Not only for business but learning the Indonesian language online is also needed for those who like to travel, to see the natural beauty of Indonesia. The need to interact with local residents is the main motivation for learning the Indonesian language online. There are not many institutions that are willing to open Indonesian language classes for foreigners. Cakap as the pioneer of the online foreign language learning platform in Indonesia, collaborating with the International Language Institute of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Indonesia (LBI FIB UI) to provide the Indonesian language class program online. Cakap also provides specially designed study materials and teaching teams from LBI FIB UI. You don’t need to worry about the traffic jam and bad weather because it’s time for you to learn the Indonesian language without being obstacles by distance and time. Learning the Indonesian language online at Cakap can be done anytime and anywhere because Cakap offers the convenience of learning the Indonesian language from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.