Improve your Mandarin skill with Cakap
Starting at IDR 549.000
  • Short Course
  • On Demand

(Save up to IDR 746.000 for Short Course 8x compared to 2x package)

Short Course 2x

IDR 274.500 /session
TOTAL IDR 549.000
  • 2 sessions for 1 month
  • 45 minutes/session
  • Suitable to try out if the class
      schedule fits yours best
  • For those who want to
      utilize their free time

Short Course 4x

IDR 199.750 /session
TOTAL IDR 799.000
  • 4 sessions for 1 month
  • 45 minutes/session
  • Saving IDR 74.750/session
  • For those who want to
      travel abroad
Best Seller

Short Course 8x

IDR 181.250 /session
TOTAL IDR 1.450.000
  • 8 sessions for 1 month
  • 45 minutes/session
  • Saving IDR 18.500/session
  • For those who want to
      have a business trip
*Terms and conditions apply

(Save up to IDR 1.050.000 for on demand 12 months compared to 3 months package)

On Demand 3 Months

IDR 131.250 /session
TOTAL IDR 3.150.000
  • 24 sessions for 3 months
  • 45 minutes/session
  • Saving IDR 50.000/session
  • For those who are just
      getting started

On Demand 6 Months

IDR 128.125 /session
TOTAL IDR 6.150.000
  • 48 sessions for 6 months
  • 45 minutes/session
  • We recommend 2x a week
      for better learning experience
  • For those who want to
      maintain their skill
Best Seller

On Demand 12 Months

IDR 120.313 /session
TOTAL IDR 11.550.000
  • 96 sessions for 12 months
  • 45 minutes/session
  • We recommend 2x a week
      for better learning experience
  • For those who want to
      increase their skill
*Terms and conditions apply
Installment available, 3, 6, 12 months non-credit card with Pinduit or Koinworks*
*Valid for Brush Up, Skills Building and Intensive packages


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45 minutes/session

Duration 45 minutes for each study session

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Native Teachers

Have an access to study with our native teachers everyday

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Learning Materials

You will get e-book learning materials

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Dashboard System

Comprehensive learning management system

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Trusted Certificate

Completion Certificate for each level*

Trusted Payment Method

cakap payment terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Cakap accepts payment methods through Bank Transfer, GoPay, Tokopedia, Paypal, and also some payment plans such as Installment plans 3/6/12 months by Credit Card and non credit card installment facilities.

Payment methods accepted:
      • Transfer to our appointed bank account
        PT Cerdas Digital Nusantara
        Nomor Rekening: 8040141180
        BCA Kantor Cabang Muara Karang Utara
        Nomor Rekening: 1680000873826
        Bank Mandiri Kantor Cabang Pantai Indah Kapuk
      • Pembayaran kartu kredit disediakan oleh Midtrans
      • Transfer atau pembayaran via akun PayPal
Payment can be done after you have selected your preferred learning package. You can make a payment directly through payment menu on your dashboard or you can contact the Cakap Study Advisor for further Information.
You will get ONE time free trial class. You need to register yourself by clicking “Free Trial Class”. You can use your Gmail, Facebook or email to register with Cakap.
Many people have different learning purposes. In general, they want to be more confident in communicating with others, both writing and speaking in a foreign language. is happy to help you achieve your goals in learning a foreign language. Cakap has three main learning packages to help you to achieve them; Brush Up, Skill Building, and Intensive package. Meanwhile, Cakap also has a short plan learning package, Short Course Package, for those who want to study in a short period of time. For further information about the package, you may contact the Cakap Study Advisor.
We understand that we cannot satisfy everyone. However our mission is to serve the best experience in learning a foreign language in your ideal schedule and it is always our main priority. Cakap does not have a refund policy. However, we can provide solutions for your best learning experience with Cakap by consulting the Study Advisor team regarding your problems.
Installment Plans of Cakap to make it easier for you to learn a foreign language:
  1. Mid-month installment
  2. 0% Interest via Tokopedia, Blibli, Shopee.
  3. Koinworks,
  4. Pinduit,
  5. 3 months installment by Cakap.
Feel free to contact our Study Advisor for further information.
You cannot change your package to another package before your learning period ends.

Cakap has a special learning package for companies. You can contact the Cakap Corporate Course team to get the offer. Please fill out the form here

You can freeze your account maximum of 30 days. Please contact Cakap Study Success in order to freeze your account and the procedures.

For other concerns kindly contact our Study Advisor/Student Success on

Price of Learning Mandarin Chinese Online at Cakap

The price of online Mandarin Chinese courses is not always expensive. In Cakap, the price of an online Mandarin Chinese course is very friendly. Cakap as a pioneer of a foreign language learning platform online in Indonesia is here to help you achieve a better life by providing Mandarin Chinese learning facilities online. It’s time for you to learn Mandarin Chinese without boundaries such as distance, time and money. Learning Mandarin Chinese online at Cakap can be done anytime and anywhere because Cakap offers the convenience of learning Mandarin Chinese from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Yes, Cakap is also present in the form of a mobile application so there is no reason for you to stop learning. In addition, Cakap cooperates with Beijing Language and Culture College (BLCC) so that the material presented is guaranteed and reliable. The teaching team is directly from Beijing so you will be taught with experienced professional instructors. The price of learning Mandarin Chinese is affordable, specially designed material, credible professional instructors.

Cakap, learning Mandarin, without boundaries.