In Fact, Being Fluent in English Could Increase Your Income up to 30-50%
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Get your significant progress and gain your English proficiency in private class with us
Allaine | ESL Teacher

In Fact, Being Fluent in English Could Increase Your Income up to 30-50%
Take Free Placement Test Now!
Take Placement Test Now
Get your significant progress and gain your English proficiency in private class with us
ESL Teacher

The Importance of Learning English

Makes You Easier
to Travel the World

English is the official language of 53 countries and spoken by 400 million people around the world.

Gives You More
Career Opportunities

Fluent in English gives you added value to get your dream job.

Makes You Easier to Broaden Your Knowledge

About 52% of internet content are English.

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1 session of Cakap’s English class

will only take 25 minutes

With a relatively short class, you can improve your English skills without interrupting your daily routine.

English Curriculum

Cakap, the first online foreign languages learning platform in Indonesia, proudly announces our collaboration with Sanata Dharma as the provider of the English curriculum

Do you want to study in the U.S. or Europe?
But your English isn’t fluent enough?

No need to worry! During your classes with certified teachers, you’ll be nurtured until you’re well-prepared to take the real TOEFL test.

Brace yourself to join Cakap's TOEFL Preparation Class

Meet Our English Teachers

Praise Jhaianne

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ESL Teacher

Nancy Fancy

ESL Teacher

Roann A.Roy

ESL Teacher

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Why you should study English with Cakap?

What Do They Say?

“Teachers in Cakap know me well. They understand my weakness, correct my mistakes, and encourage me to keep drilling. Thank you, Cakap English teachers!”

Apristia Ruvinty
“Learning in Cakap is totally private, so I’m not shy if I make mistakes. The teachers are helpful and patient. They can explain something that I don’t understand in words that I can understand easily.”
Nadia Chandra
"It's really fun learning English in Cakap because we can set our own schedules and the teachers are friendly. They always give corrections with my pronunciation so I will be more confident to talk in English."
Marie Rebecca
“Various learning packages, time flexibility, and many teachers available; they make learning English in Cakap interesting.”

Stefanus Bambang
Private Employee
“Learning in Cakap is suitable for those who have difficulties in setting times for courses. Thanks Cakap, I’ve got a great IELTS score.”

Alvionetta Dias
“The one that I love most is that the teachers will not only teach you the material but also ask you to discuss and exchange ideas. Learning English in Cakap is always exciting.”
Cindy Novia
Private Employee

What Do They Say?

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Learn English Online Without Boundaries

Learning English online is now a necessity in the community, especially for those who wish to improve their careers and education. English has currently more than 360 million native speakers and 380 million second language speakers. Therefore, there is no reason not to learn English. Many companies and educational institutions require English as entry criteria. For those of you who are aware of the importance of learning English but still have hindrance in the form of schedule, traffic, feeling tired, or distance to the English schools, now you don’t need to worry. Cakap as a pioneer of online learning platforms in Indonesia is here to facilitate learning English online at affordable prices. Cakap provides a variety of online English course packages that can help you achieve your goals in learning a foreign language. Cakap works with the Atma Jaya Catholic University Language Teaching Center (PPB Unika Atma Jaya—Pusat Pengajaran Bahasa Universitas Katolik Atma Jaya) to make learning materials specifically designed to suit your abilities. Also supported by professional teaching teams from countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Cakap is ready to help you achieve a better life. It’s no longer a time for traffic jams and your busyness to be barriers to achieving a better future. Why? Because Cakap comes as part of your daily activities in the form of a mobile application. You can learn via your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone anytime and anywhere.

Cakap, learn English, without boundaries.