Cakap Chat

Cakap Chat is a feature that connects Cakap students and foreign language tutors through exchanging text messages (chat) within a specified time frame.

Cakap Chat has three types of discussion categories that can be selected according to your needs:

  • Casual Talk: free chat between tutor and student
  • Help Your Assignment: students can ask the tutor for grammar checks or proofreading if students have assignments in English
  • Learning by Topic: students can choose the topics available in the application to discuss with the tutor

Yes, Cakap Chat is a paid feature. You can subscribe monthly, or annually. However, you can take a free trial first.

You and your tutor will exchange messages in English. However, if you are paired with an Indonesian tutor, you can exchange messages in Indonesian.

You can access Cakap Chat via the Cakap application homepage. Cakap Chat cannot be accessed on a laptop or desktop computer and is currently only available in English.

You can chat for 30 minutes with your tutor per session. Your session will start from the first chat conducted by the tutor.

Cakap will immediately pair you with one of the tutors who is online when you order.

Yes. You can press the exit icon in the top right corner of the chat room.

Note: Chat rooms that you have left cannot be re-entered

Cakap wants the chat to run conducive by ensuring you don't send inappropriate, explicit content messages.

The explicit content is content that:

  • Offends SARA
  • Contains hate speech
  • Has sexual tendencies
  • Includes regional jargon or dialect

If you are still in the trial period:

  • Press the "Cakap Chat" icon on the homepage of your application
  • Hit the "Start Free Trial" button at the bottom
  • Choose the category you are interested in
  • You will be paired automatically with the tutor

If you have subscribed to a monthly/annual package:

  • Press the Cakap Chat icon in your application
  • Hit the "Chat Now" button at the bottom
  • Choose the category you are interested in
  • You will be paired automatically with the tutor
  • Furthermore, you can chat again with the tutor who has been chatting with you by pressing one of the chat rooms in the Chat History menu.

You can chat with our tutor based on the schedules below:

Everyday on 09.00 - 21.00 (GMT+7)

The tutors are experienced teachers from Cakap, locals and foreigners.

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