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Cakap, the #1 Upskill Platform in Indonesia.

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Cakap always goes the extra mile to change and transform our world through education, aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

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Breaking Barriers to Borderless Education

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I've been studying at Cakap for a year. It is really fun! I love my teacher. Thank you, Cakap!
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Arsy & Arsya
English Kids Private Students
For learning English, we really believe in Cakap’s method that all of our children take Cakap’s classes.
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Patta & Chaya
Rizky, Emil & Reicha parents
The classes are conducted in bahasa Indonesia, so my child can understand the Mandarin lessons better.
Audrey Nathaniel
Reginna’s Mom
Since the begining, Cakap has already help hundreds of people reach fluency in foreign language.
Cakap testimonial
Ervin & Farhan
English Semi-private Student
Educational Institution Partners

The First 2-way Learning Platform

We strive to create significant impacts in Indonesia’s education with our platform. In 2019, MURI named our application the First Live 2-Way Foreign Language Online Learning Application in Indonesia.


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We provide various learning methods for you to explore. Here is a glimpse of Cakap and why we might be the right learning partner for you.

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Experienced Teachers

Our professional teachers deliver an effective and progressive learning experience.

Various Learning Methods

We offer various ways for you to learn new knowledge, from private to group classes.

Certified Courses

Our curriculums are designed by credible and reputable learning institutions.


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Corporate Training

Let’s enter the global market by enhancing your employee’s language and general skills.

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Cakap Prakerja

From hospitality to marketing, we offer courses to help you upskill yourself and become a job-ready talent.

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Cakap Teacher Academy

Looking to improve your teaching skills? Become a part of educational change and join our teaching training scholarship program!

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Indonesia's Largest EdTech Community

Get various benefits from getting the latest information about education & career to connecting with the largest EdTech ecosystem in Indonesia at Cakap Community!

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IELTS Speed Run Group

Join the IELTS preparation group and get complete information about IELTS and other English proficiency tests

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Indonesian entities to help the Timor-Leste in developing their human resources

Explore the Business Potential of Upskilling Platforms

Digital Education: The Development of Educational Technology

"Mastering foreign languages is now a necessity for everyone.”

Cakap’s initiatives consist of ways to help in a different way.

Cakap Teacher Academy seeks to improve education quality in Indonesia.

Cakap Teacher Academy aims to improve the competence of teachers.

Cakap supports the Indonesian tourism sector in preparation for the G20.

During the pandemic, Cakap has become the target of investors.

Cakap helps to accelerate access to education in Indonesia.

Cakap showcases its innovations in VR and AR learning environments.

Cakap at the First Day of WEF 2022 Davos, Switzerland.

Cakap & MNC to Give English Language Training for Child Cancer Survivor

Cakap Innovation Hub Opening to Boost Digital Talent Recruitment

Cakap Launches Scholarship Programs for 5000 North Sulawesi Residents

Live Report: Cakap Super Kids Foreign Language Competition


Entered the Forbes
Asia 100 to Watch
2022 list

The only Edtech platform showcased at the WEF Indonesia Pavillion 2022

The First 2-Way Learning Application in Indonesia 2019

Selected as one of the most impactful startups in 2019

Future Makers

The Nextdev Academy 2018

The Nextdev Competition in Education Category 2017


A One-stop Solution for Your Learning Needs

We aim to help you develop yourself and obtain knowledge anywhere & at any time. Access the platform and enhance your skills today!

Applications to Learn Foreign Languages Online Anytime and Anywhere Conveniently and Fun!

Cakap is a pioneer of foreign language learning applications with online English learning and online Mandarin learning institutions in Indonesia, which has succeeded in introducing and effective way of learning English and a fast way of speaking Mandarin. Cakap is aware of the high demand for learning basic English and conversational English. Therefore, Cakap provides certified foreign teachers from Asia Pacific countries, who can help students become fluent in English faster. In addition to providing basic English classes for beginners, Cakap also provides classes in Mandarin, Japanese, Korean. Cakap as a foreign language learning application also provides Mandarin Kids classes and English classes for children online. Users can also do a free trial and take a Placement Test to find out how far you understand the language, from reading, writing, and speaking. In addition, for corporate purposes or more complicated matters, Cakap provides TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, JLPT, and HSK test preparation classes to test simulations that have been developed by a professional team.

The Best and Most Trusted Website for Learning Foreign Languages and New Skills

We will always try to improve the service and collect more variety in it, so that it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Get special offers and promotions on the Cakap online foreign language learning application with professional teachers. You can register on the website page and see the option of English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, and Indonesian language course packages that suit your needs. Based on our tagline “Be Smart Your Way”, Cakap wants everyone to be able to find a way to become smarter and proficient in English, Mandarin, Korean, Indonesian, and Japanese more comfortably and efficiently with the help of Cakap’s Learning Management System (LMS) which is very user friendly. You can check your study progress from our website to know the progress of your studies. Cakap has also started to provide convenience for you to learn new skills through online training and courses with an expert named Upskill. Equipped with the best curriculum that has been adapted to the needs of the industry, now you can enrich your knowledge before entering the working world. This online training is open to the public and can be accessed by anyone online. We see that there are many areas can be learned and developed in the industry. With the upskilling platform, it is hoped that each individual can develop with their potential into the desired field. Starting from digital marketing classes, food and beverages, animal husbandry, tourism, and others. All of this was done so that we can all move forward towards achieving Cakap’s vision, which is “Opening doors to a society without boundaries”. So, let’s have fun and become fluent with #SiapaCakapDiaDapat