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English Placement Test

Our Placement Test lets you determine your language level through two-way interactions with one of our experienced teachers.
Why Do I Need the Placement Test?
Guided by a certified and experienced expert
Comes with a comprehensive assessment and comments from the teacher about your skills
A standardized test to help you determine your language skills

Steps You Need to Follow


Buy the Placement Test

Click Buy Now at the bottom of the screen


Complete the Payment

You will be directed to the payment page where you can pick your method & complete the payment.


Pick the Schedule & Teacher

You can pick the schedule & teacher flexibly according to your preferences.


Start the Placement Test

The Placement Test will start with the schedule you picked earlier.


Wait for the Placement Test Report

Our teachers usually need up to 24 hours to give you a comprehensive assessment.


Check the Report

Yes! At this stage, you will find out your language level according to the teacher who assessed you.


Start Your Learning Journey

After finding out your language level, you can now buy the learning packages that suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Placement Test going to be live or is it a writing test?



So that our teacher can assess your skills effectively, live & two-way interactions are needed in the Placement Test.

Later on, you will earn a comprehensive assessment which is based on those interactions.

How is the Placement Test like?



You will interact with the teacher directly and you will answer questions which will challenge your grammar, listening, reading, as well as conversation skills.

But, worry not as our teachers are experienced in building a casual and comfortable environment for you to be in.

When does the Placement Test start?



The Placement Test will start with the schedule that you pick on your own. So make sure you’re all ready and available!

After paying Rp10.000, how many times can I take the Placement Test?



You will get to take the the Placement Test one (1) time with a special price of Rp10.000!

Can I take the Placement Test even if I don’t understand the language at all?



You have nothing to worry about! Our Placement Test can act as a trial class to give you ideas as to how our learning methods work at Cakap.