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Cakap Corporate

What is Cakap Corporate?

Cakap Corporate is a foreign languages e-learning program for corporations, in order to enhance employees’ foreign languages skills.

What are the languages I can learn?

English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Bahasa Indonesia.

How long is the learning program?

It’s around 6 months – 1 year, depending on the corporation’s or the employee’s needs.
Here are the packages which are subscribed by most of Cakap’s corporate class clients:

  • Bronze package: min. 100 sessions
  • Silver package: 101 – 500 sessions
  • Gold package: 501 – 1000 sessions
  • Diamond package: 1001 sessions and more

Is it a private or group class?

Cakap Corporate classes can be conducted both privately or in a group, depending on the corporation’s or the employee’s needs.

What will I get?

  • Learning dashboard to see the employees’ learning progress
  • Tailor-made materials
  • Monthly evaluation to see the employees’ learning progress
  • Certificate of completion

How do I buy Cakap Corporate's learning packages?

Contact us on WhatsApp +6281218338653 or fill your data on the Contact Us column of

How do the private classes run?

  • It’s a 25-minute class for English and a 45-minute class for Mandarin, Japanese, or Bahasa Indonesia.
  • You can have a class using your private device (smartphones through Cakap app or laptops through Skype)

How do the group classes run?

  • A group should consist of no more than 10 participants
  • The class will run for 50 minutes
  • Equipments that should be prepared: laptops, projectors, and microphones
  • It uses Skype.

Can I manage my own schedule?

You can manage your own schedule depending on the corporation’s needs, as long as it fits to Cakap’s operational schedule.

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