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Cakap English Club

Frequently Asked Questions / Cakap English Club

Cakap English club is a feature that enables you to learn English in a group. The learning material will be provided through a discussion about a topic related to the material.

A Cakap English Club class should consist of no more than 5 participants.

Cakap English Club is a 45-minute session

You can access Cakap English Club using your Cakap mobile app, by following these steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Your preferred Cakap English Club session is shown on "English Club" part of your Cakap app home
  • Tap "Join Class" button on the right lower corner of the banner

Yes. You have to take the Level Test before using Cakap English Club. For the newcomers, click "Learn More" button of "English Club" part.

Teachers will open slots on particular date and time, according to Cakap's operational schedule.

The speakers are the experts who have competencies in the topics discussed.

Cakap wants the learning process on Cakap English Club can be condusive, without any participants sending messages containing explicit contents.

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