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Fluency Guarantee is related to speaking a language. Fluency means speaking easily, reasonably, quickly and without having to stop or pause a lot.

An Innovation from Cakap for you who want to improve your speaking fluency skill. Cakap will help you to clear all of your fear while speaking, your lack-confidence when talking with foreigners or your confusing when expressing the ideas.

Using our interactive method and also our professional teachers who expert in their field, will help you easily learn a new language.

How Cakap Helps You

Periodical Report

You will receive a monthly periodical report to monitor your progress every month. This assessment is based on your progress in learning with Cakap starts from your first class.

Improvement Plan

After 30 days learning with Cakap, teachers will evaluate and design an “Improvement Plan” which appropriate to improve your fluency.

Terms and Conditions

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