1.1 Billion People Can Speak Mandarin*
Which Means Around 1 Out of 6 People
in the World. *Source: ethnologue.com
With international standard curriculum and professional tutors, let's boost
your Mandarin skills and competitiveness with us.
Choice of Packages that You Can Buy
Cakap Private
Learn Mandarin privately with your tutor.
Cakap Semi Private
Learn language in a small group consisting
of 3-5 people.
Cakap Chat
Temui tutormu dan asah
kemampuan menulismu.
Cakap Semi Private Package
A new way to learn a foreign language at Cakap is in a small
group! More focused and comfortable with your chosen tutor.
Cakap semi privat
Save IDR 126.000/month for 1 student
Single Package
We will arrange the group with 2-4 other friends.
IDR 700.000/month for 1 student
IDR 4.200.000
72 sessions for 6 months
Triple Package
Invite your fellow friends to learn together.
You can start the class sooner.
IDR 490.000/month for 1 student
Total for 3 students
IDR 8.820.000
72 sessions for 6 months
Cakap Private Package
Private language class with flexible schedule and exclusive
materials guided by professional tutors.
cakap privat
  • Short Course
  • On Demand