Cakap wants to create a good, conducive and positive online foreign language learning community. Thus we compile terms and conditions to regulate the use of services offered by PT Cerdas Digital Nusantara related to the use of the site . User is advised to read and understand carefully the rules that are set because they affect the rights and obligations of Users under the law.

By agreeing, registering and / or using the site , User is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all contents in the terms and conditions set. If the users do not approve one, part or all of the contents of the terms and conditions, the user is not permitted to use the service at

Last Updated: December, 2020

  1. Sobat Cakap must be more than 4 years old.
  2. Understand basic knowledge in operating Windows or Mac.
  3. Have a personal computer or smartphone; recommended laptop or Android/IOS Mobile Phone.
  4. Have a minimum internet connection of 1Mbps.
  5. User is willing to prepare his/her personal image or be photographed digitally for documentation and certification purposes. Cakap does not have a right to distribute the image without the user’s permission.
  1. Registration can be done by filling out the form on the page.
  2. Sobat Cakap gets 1-time free opportunity to take a placement test (trial class) after registration.
  1. You will start to subscribe in 1 X 24 hours after making a payment. You can delay your learning period start by 30 days from your payment agreement.
  2. Cakap only sends the invoice through , Cakap is not responsible for any forms of fraud for payments made by others accounts.
  3. The purchased package is not able to be refunded and or transferred to other accounts.
  1. Bank Transfer (BCA and Mandiri Account).
    • PT Cerdas Digital Nusantara
      Account No: 8040141180 | BCA Muara Karang Utara Branch Office
      Account No: 1680000873826 | Bank Mandiri Pantai Indah Kapuk Branch Office
      * We are not responsible for payments out of the account holder mentioned above.
  2. Credit Card or payment through Mandiri Klik provided by Veritrans.
  3. Cash by visiting  Cakap office.
  4. Payments via Go-pay, Tokopedia, Blibli dan Shopee
  5. Transfer or payment via Paypal account
  1. Working hours on weekdays start from 09:00 to 21:00 (UTC+7). On Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00 (UTC +7).
  2. Our Student Success and technicians will be ready to help Sobat Cakap during business hours. To contact technician service, please make an appointment in advance.
  1. The total active days in Cakap each month will be different each month. Sobat Cakap will be notified on the website page or via email.
  2. Holidays for Mandarin classes based on Chinese and Indonesian calendars. Holidays for  English classes based on Philippine and Indonesian calendars. Holidays for Japanese classes based on Japanese and Indonesian calendars.
  1. Cakap Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian classes will be 45 minutes length. While the study time for Cakap English class is 25 minutes.
  2. Sobat Cakap who does not attend the class more than 15 minutes after the class starts will be considered as absent.
  3. Sobat Cakap must attend a class for at least 15 minutes to be considered present/attend the class.
  4. The learning package with credit sessions , is a study program that frees students to determine how many study times will be taken in a month (maximum 3 sessions in 1 day).
  5. Learning packages with periodic meeting sessions , divided into 3 packages:
    • Brush Up : A study program for  6 months periode (180 days) or 12 months (356 days)  which has 1 session maximum booking per day. If user does not attend the class on the previous day, it cannot be accumulated the next day.
    • Skill Building :  A study program for  6 months periode (180 days) 12 months (356 days) which has 2 sessions maximum booking per day. If user does not attend the class on the previous day, it cannot be accumulated the next day.
    • Intensive :  A study program for  6 months periode (180 days) 12 months (356 days) which has 3 sessions maximum booking per day. If user does not attend the class on the previous day, it cannot be accumulated the next day.
  6. Sobat Cakap is suggested to take lessons 3 to 4 times a week.
  7. Our classes start from morning to evening. However, some teachers may not be available if they have been booked by other Sobat Cakap.
  8. To maintain the teaching quality at Cakap, several lessons will be recorded and stored on Cakap server.
  1. A lateness in entering a classroom when the class starts will reduce the duration of learning process that has been determined (in the lesson  and schedule section point (1).
  2. Our teachers give a maximum 5 minutes tolerance from the booking time so you can still enjoy the full duration of study.
  3. Our teachers will wait up to 15 minutes lateness from the booking time  so you can enjoy the remaining class duration.
  1. Cakap Privat users can book a class at least 6 hours before the preferred class starts.
  2. Cakap Privat users can cancel a class at least 3 hours before the class that they want to cancel starts.
  3. The maximum number of class cancellations follows the rules below:
  • If a user has credits from gift code redemptions, booked classes can’t be canceled at all
  • If a user subscribes to a credit package (a package that consists of several credits), the maximum number of class cancellations is half of the total credits that the user has. Example: If you buy the Short Course package that consists of 8 sessions (credits), you will have 4 times of class cancellation maximum number. 
  • If a user subscribes to an unlimited package (Brush Up, Skills Building, Intensive), there’s no maximum number of class cancellations.
  1. Sobat Cakap is required to attend and complete the mid-exam and the final exam to enter the next level.
  2. Sobat Cakap who has not completed the mid-exam or final exam, cannot book a class or go to the next level.
  3. Mid-examination takes place every mid-material in one semester. Meanwhile, the final exam takes place at the end of the semester.
  4. Sobat Cakap has one chance to repeat the exam if  Sobat Cakap fails to complete the final exam within 1 week after the exam.
  1. Our Student success will assist you to choose a teacher who is suitable for you. However, you can choose your teacher by your own.
  2. If your selected teacher cannot attend the class due to sick or on leave, we are responsible for providing a substitute teacher.
  1. Sobat Cakap who does not appear in the booked class (stated on “ learning duration and attendances” point 3), will be considered as taken class. And the study period of the users will be deducted by 1 day. Please contact cakap Student Success for more information.
  2. Sobat Cakap must book a class with the instructor no later than 6 hours beforehand.
  3. Sobat Cakap is allowed to cancel a class within maximum 3 hours before class starts.
  4. Sobat Cakap who requests vacation permission or sick leaves, must notify our Student Success no later than 3 days in advance.
  5. Sobat Cakap can freeze the account or take a leave by paying Rp 200,000 / maximum leave time 30 days. Contact our Student Success to temporarily disable your Cakap account.
  6. When the Sobat Cakap wants to re-activate the remaining learning period (Unfreeze), please contact Our Student Success to re-activate your account.
  1. If there is a network or hardware problem from the teachers, we are responsible to move the class time into the appropriate time. Cakap users need to report the problem to Our Student Success within 3 days after the class held.
  2. If a network problem occurs during the class, the class will not be replaced.
  3. Every Sobat Cakap have some points to reschedule or cancel class. The number of cancellation points varies according to the learning package that has been paid.
  1. Sobat Cakap is not allowed to have activities out of class time with the teachers . Cakap is not responsible for any fraud by our teachers without consulting our Student Success first.
  2. Sobat Cakap is not allowed to transfer the remaining lessons to other Sobat Cakap or other parties without any notice to Cakap Student Success.
  3. Each individual is only allowed to register 1 account on the platform. Only registered user is allowed to enjoy the benefits of studying at Cakap. We prohibit 1 account user used for several users and Cakap has the right to block the account.

In providing a printed  version of Cakap certificate, user will be charged an additional fee for IDR 150.000 (including delivery). Cakap will not be responsible for lost or damaged item due to any mistaken shipping data or mis-delivery errors caused by the appointed logistic services.

Cakap has the right to change this Agreement without prior notice.

If you have questions or comments about our Terms of Service, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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