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PT Cerdas Digital Nusantara (“Cakap”, “We”) offers you (“Referrer”) to take part in our referral program (the “Program”) We reserve the right to terminate or amend the program at any time for any reason. This Program is administered by Cakap which may outsource certain elements of administration to third parties (collectively “Administrator”).

Referrers are bound by these Terms and Conditions. By participating in the Program, Referrers agree to use the Program in the manner specified in these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety, you are not authorized to register as a Referrer or to participate in the Program in any other manner. Referrers may not participate in the Program where doing so would be prohibited by any applicable law or regulations.

Agreeing to the Cakap registration Terms and Conditions means agreeing to the Program Terms and Conditions, which have become the Cakap Terms and Conditions.

  • Referrer’s Eligibility
  • How It Works
  • Sharing Referral Links
  • Qualified Referrals
  • About Rewards
  • How to Earn and Use Rewards

Cakap has the sole right to determine the validity of a Referrer’s user account. On top of that, Referrer must:

  1. Be an Indonesian citizen.
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Have a valid and existing account of Cakap.
  4. Comply with the Terms and Conditions determined by the Cakap party in relation to the Referral Mechanism of the Program.
  1. The Referrer is a party registered on the Cakap platform with the terms and conditions as stated in the Referrer’s Eligibility.
  2. Once the conditions in point 1 are met and the Referrer is declared registered on the Cakap platform, the Referrer may access the Program on the Cakap application, spesifically in the Referral Program feature.
  3. Referrers are required to follow the on-screen instructions and will be provided with a personal reference code that can be shared with friends, family members, and colleagues ("Referred Users").
  4. After sharing the referral code, the Referred User will be given a link to open or download the Cakap application.
  5.  Referred Users will be redirected to the Program orientation screen and Cakap Private.
  6. Referred users will be directed to select a package based on their needs and apply the referral code on the payment screen. Referred Users can receive a 25% discount on the Cakap Private package.
  7.  As for the Terms and conditions contained in the reference that meets the requirements below.
  8. Once payment has been made by the Referred User and the status has changed to "Paid", the Referrer will receive the reward as stated in the About Rewards points.

Referral links may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Referral links must meet the following requirements:

  1. Referral links may not be published or distributed on commercial websites (such as coupon websites, Reddit, or Wikipedia including but not limited to commercial websites that cannot be mentioned individually) or on blogs.
  2. Referrers are prohibited from taking actions that can be categorized as being included in "spamming" actions directed at anyone with a referral invitation, including but not limited to bulk emails, SMS or messages of people you do not know or use automated systems or bots through any channel to distribute your referral links.
  3. Referrers are prohibited from paying to advertise their referral links.
  4. Cakap releases themselves from all claims and/or legal responsibilities of irresponsible parties who conduct spamming and all other forms of actions on behalf of Cakap but inaccessible in the application and potentially cause harm to any party.
  1. A new user who has never registered on Cakap Platform, including but not limited to purchasing a placement test.
  2. Not a Referrer's referral code.
  3. This program is valid if the package chosen is Cakap Private and not a purchase of other Cakap products.
  4. If the Referred Users have used the referral code in one of the language studies, then the person concerned can still use a different referral code for other language studies.
  5. The referral code can only be used 1 (one) time per user.
  6. If the Referred Users concerned have purchased other Cakap products but not included in the Private Cakap package, they still have the opportunity to get referral discounts.
  1. The commission earned is 10% of the total purchases of Referred Users.
  2. The nominal amount of the commission as referred to in point 1 (one), may be in the form of rounding the nominal up or down. This is the full right and/or authority of Cakap.
  3. The percentage and/or the maximum amount of commission and reward may change at any time without notice and are fully under the authority of Cakap.
  4. Commission only applies to the Cakap Private packages, in any language/study.
  5. Commission applies in multiples of the number of friends who have successfully joined the Cakap platform.
  6. The Referrer will get a commission in the form of a merchant voucher and it can be broken down and/or divided into several parts whose fraction is equivalent to the total reward (example: Rp1,000,000,- (One Million Rupiah) = 10 (ten) vouchers, of which 1 (one) Voucher worth Rp100,000, - (one hundred thousand Rupiah).
  7. Merchant vouchers are the full right of the Cakap Party according to availability and adjustments by third parties. Vouchers that already have been assigned once will not change.
  1. After the Referred Users make a purchase, the voucher status will be "Pending". This applies until Cakap assigns a commission to the Referrers.
  2. Referrers will get rewards when the Referred Users successfully purchase a Package.
  3. The provisions as stipulated in point 2 (two) if the purchase status of the Referred Users must be “Paid”.
  4. The distribution of the voucher will be valid at the beginning of the month and the calculation of the amount and/or the amount of the commission is valid in the previous month. Maximum on the 10th at the beginning of the month.
  5. As for the ways to use vouchers, it can be different for each merchant and for the ways and/or steps for the “redeem” process, it can be seen on voucher details screen.
  6. Every voucher has an expiry date. Referrers can only use and apply the voucher within the specified duration and/or period and after the expiration date or expiry date, Referrers will not be able to use the voucher including but not limited to attempts to “request extend”.
  7. The validity period of the voucher depends on the policy of each merchant.
  8. Rewards/commissions may at any time be not given or canceled unilaterally if based on observations from Cakap there is a real fraud in this mechanism.
  9. The reward/commission used is in the form of a voucher which is distributed on a link and/or code.
  10. Rewards have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash. Rewards are non-transferable and cannot be auctioned, traded, bartered, or sold. Upon termination of the Program or any part thereof for any reason, any unredeemed rewards that have not been delivered to the Referrers will be forfeited or become invalid.
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Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.



Cakap wants to create a good, conducive and positive online foreign language learning community. Thus, we have compiled terms and conditions to regulate the use of the services offered by PT Cerdas Digital Nusantara regarding the use of www.cakap.com site and Cakap application. Users are advised to read and understand carefully the rules that are set as they affect the rights and obligations of users under the law.

Cakap has the right and authority to continuously change and update these Terms of Service from time to time for self-development and adaptation to the technological and time developments.

By agreeing to, registering, and/or using the www.cakap.com site and the Cakap application, the users are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all contents in the terms and conditions set forth. If the users do not agree to one, part or all of the content of the terms and conditions, they are not allowed to use the services on www.cakap.com site or the Cakap application.

Last updated: October 15, 2021
  1. Cakap is a two-way online learning platform that connects students and teachers based on video calls.
  2. Private class is a two-way learning class between 1 teacher and 1 student on the Cakap platform or alternative platforms chosen by Cakap.
  3. Semi-private and corporate classes are two-way learning classes between 1 teacher and 2 or more students on the Cakap platform or alternative platforms chosen by Cakap.
  4. Club class is a two-way learning class between 1 teacher and 1 to 100 students on the Cakap platform or alternative platforms chosen by Cakap.
  5. Confidential information means any data or information that is the protected property of the PARTIES (Students or Cakap) that discloses and is generally not known to the public, both in tangible and intangible forms, whenever and however disclosed, including and not limited to:

    1. Any business and marketing strategies, financial information, or projections, operations, sales estimates, business plans and models, and systems relating to the Company’s business and performance results in relation to the past, present or future activities of the parties, affiliates, subsidiaries and its affiliated companies;
    2. Plans for products or services, and databases and lists of customers/students/prospective students, clients or suppliers;
    3. Any scientific or technical information, curriculum and course syllabus, inventions, processes, procedures, formulas, improvements, technologies or methods;
    4. Any concepts, reports, data, knowledge, work in progress, drawings, designs, development tools, specifications, computer software, source code, object code, algorithms, flow charts, databases, inventions, information and trade secrets;
    5. Any copyrights, trademarks, logos, service marks, service names, domain names, literary works, audio visual works, including any other Intellectual Property Rights that arise under the applicable laws of the Republic of Indonesia or each country, which are owned, controlled, kept, held for use, used or developed by or for the Company;
    6. All forms of screenshots, images, videos and attempts in any form that can be categorized as dissemination, abuse, deviations committed by the students/their families/affiliates
    7. Any other information that is reasonably considered to be Confidential Information of the disclosing party.
  1. Have basic knowledge in operating Windows, Mac, Android or IOS.
  2. Have a personal computer or smartphone; recommended laptop or Android/IOS phone.
  3. Have a minimum internet connection of 5 Mbps.
  4. The user is willing to prepare his/her personal pictures for documentation and certification purposes. Cakap does not have the right to distribute images without user permission.
  5. At least 4 years old to be able to take Private, Semi-Private and Corporate classes.
  6. Must be at least 16 years old to be able to take Club classes.
  1. Registration can be done by filling out the form on the cakap.com page or on our app. Registration can be done independently or by contacting our Study Advisor who will assist the registration process.
  2. When you enroll for a course, you will also be required to upload certain information, such as your name, address, date of birth, upload a profile picture, phone number, verify your email, gender, occupation and course purchase needs at Cakap. Any member wishing to enroll for any of the courses must meet these requirements and provide correct information that can be supported by legal documents.
  3. Users are responsible for protecting user credentials. Every user must agree not to disclose their personal credentials to any third party and that they will be fully responsible for any activities or actions under their Cakap Account, regardless of whether they have authorized such activities/actions or not. Users must immediately notify Cakap of any unauthorized use of the user’s Cakap Account.
  1. Users will start subscribing a maximum of 1×24 hours after making a payment. Users can postpone the activation of the learning package up to 30 days from the payment agreement.
  2. Cakap only sends invoices through finance@cakap.com, Cakap is not responsible for any form of fraud on invoices sent from accounts other than finance@cakape.com. Cakap Study Advisors will also help send payment invoices when explaining the payment procedure, as well as during the process of reminding payments for users who have not made payments.
  3. Packages that have been purchased cannot be returned in the form of money and or transferred to another account.
  4. When Cakap Study Advisor contacts a potential user, all telephone conversations will be recorded for convenience during transactions.
The payment methods include:

  1. Credit Card or payment via Mandiri Klik provided by Veritrans.
  2. Payment via GoPay, Tokopedia, Blibli and Shopee.
  3. Transfer or payment via PayPal Account.
  4. Bank Transfer (BCA and Mandiri Accounts)

  5. PT Cerdas Digital Nusantara
    BCA, Account Number: 8040141180 | BCA Muara Karang Utara Branch Office
    Mandiri, Account Number: 1680000873826 | Bank Mandiri Pantai Indah Kapuk Branch Office
    *We are not responsible for payments outside the accounts mentioned above.

  6. Payments through the Cash and/or Cash system are made by visiting the Cakap office.
  1. Cakap’s operational hours are from Monday to Sunday starting from 08:00 to 22:00 (UTC+7). The operational hours of Cakap Study Advisor team on Monday to Friday are from 09:00 to 18:00 (UTC+7) and on Saturday and Sunday are from 08:00 to 17:00 (UTC+7).
  2. Our Student Support & Success will be ready to help users during Cakap’s operational hours.
  1. The total active days in Cakap will be different each month. Users will be notified about holidays through the website page or via email.
  2. Holidays for Chinese classes based on Chinese and Indonesian calendars.
  3. Holidays for English and English for Kids classes based on Filipino and Indonesian calendars.
  4. Holidays for Japanese class based on the Indonesian calendar.
  5. Holidays for Indonesian classes based on the Indonesian calendar.
  6. Holidays for Korean class based on the Indonesian calendar.
  1. Learning packages with credit sessions, are study programs that are divided into 3 categories:

    • Private Class lets the students choose the number of learning sessions that will be taken according to the study package period they have with at least 1 session in 1 day.
    • Semi-private classes are given access to 3 learning sessions in 1 week with a period according to the package purchased or chosen (3 months and 6 months period).
    • Corporate Classes are given learning access in the form of credit sessions according to the number of sessions and study schedules agreed by the Corporation and Cakap.

  2. Learning packages with regular meeting sessions, are packages that only apply to Private classes where this package is divided into 3 types:

    • Brush Up: Study program for 3 months (90 days), 6 months (180 days) or 12 months (360 days) which has a maximum of 1 booking session per day. If the user did not attend the class on the previous day, it cannot be